HSGC Intent

The intent of Heaven Sent Greeting Cards is to allow those that have lost a love one and that is undergoing grief and loss, to heal. To heal, by giving themselves time and the opportunity to do it in a unique way. Usually we have our love ones on our mind; however, with Heaven Sent Greeting cards you are reminded that you are special to your love ones as well. We often say “Gone but not forgotten,” with the greeting cards they don’t feel so far away and it is an opportunity for you as well as your love one to be remembered.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have a continual process of feeling connected with your love ones

About Our Founders

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Damita Braye-Gonzalez

Damita Braye-Gonzalez is a Licensed & Marriage Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor. Damita holds a Grief Recovery certification and has years of service counseling couples with grief and loss. She has a thriving practice in Chesapeake where she has dedicated her life to serving others and restoring lives. In 2014, Damita’s mom, which was her best friend passed suddenly.  This begun her quest to serve others in a unique capacity regarding grief. She allowed her pain to serve as purpose. As a result today we have Heaven Sent Greeting cards.
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Marilyn Harvey

Marilyn Harvey received her Bachelors in Psychology at Norfolk State University. She has worked in the capacity of servicing those that require assistance with their benefits and claims with various large companies. Her heart has always been towards servicing the needs of others. She has a deep compassion to meet the emotional needs of people and make a difference. She all to well knows what it is like to lose a love one; she assisted her mother, father and brother with their transition. Her heart is extended to those who mourn and need to find hope and meaning again.